It is with deep regret and sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2020 ASCPG & HCPT pilgrimage, due to concerns over the COVID 19 (coronavirus) epidemic. The safety and health of our travelers is at the forefront of our planning, and after close monitoring, we feel that it is the best decision for this Easter’s pilgrimage. Anyone registered to travel with us for 2020 will receive updates and further information from their Group Leaders. You are also welcome to email us at with questions or concerns.

On Our Calendar

  • March 15 -- All are welcome to join ASCPG in marching in the Bergen County St. Patrick's Day Parade in Bergenfield. Meet in front of Dollar General in Foster Village (405 South Washington Avenue) at 1:30pm.

  • April 4 -- Group 601 Raffle drawing for giant travel package and more! Email for $10 tickets, or see any group member.

  • April 4: Family Mass & Party for all 2020 travelers at St. Therese of Lisieux Church -- stay tuned for details


Josie Cahill's Celebration of Life

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at Tommy Fox's on January 5th to remember and celebrate Josie just the way she would have loved -- with a crowd of family and friends, great music, delicious food, and knowing that so many generous donations will fund our Easter 2021 journey to Lourdes for Jet Set/Group 606.  

Steven McDonald ~~~ Rest in Peace 1/10/17

beloved friend of ASCPG and HCPT since 2002

a most loving husband, father and friend

dedicated member of the NYPD and US Navy

a true man of faith

a saint

In all the world there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smile, your eyes, your hands, your hair. Nobody owns your voice, your hand writing, your unique way of communicating with others. You’re Special.


Nobody can paint like you. Nobody has your taste for food, music, dance or art. Nobody in the world sees things as you do. In all time, there has never been anyone who laughs in exactly your way, and what makes youl augh or cry or think may have a totally different response in another. So, You’re Special.


You’re different from any other person who has ever lived in the history of the world. You are the only one in the whole world who has your particular set  of abilities. There is always someone who is better at one thing or another. Every person is your superior in at least one way. But nobody in this world can reach the quality of the combination of your talents, your feelings. Through all eternity, no one will ever love, walk, talk, think or act exactly like you. Remember, You’re Special.

You’re rare, and in all rarity there is enormous value. You’re Special, and it is no accident you are. Please realize that God made you for a special purpose. God has a job for you to do that nobody else can do as well as you can. Out of the billions of applicants, only one is qualified. Only one has the unique and right combination of what it takes, and that one is you. You Are Very Special!

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